Sandra Moyers

The Conquerors Romance Sci-Fi Series

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No Escape from The High General

For thousands of years, the men from Conquial travel to the planet Quarriel and trade technology for women. 
This helps some men on Conquial to get mates, but even with this arrangement there has never been enough women. 

A Conqueror can't mate with just any woman; their chemistry has to match.

And then the Conquerors discover a new planet with women to obtain.
A Conqueror gets what, and who, he wants. 
The Conquerors will take any woman whose chemistry matches to a Conqueror, by trade or by force.

This is where Tassala meets Jaxon, High General of the Conquerors.

Tassala is fascinated by sexy Jaxon.  She pursues him only to find herself his quarry. 
He offers the chance for a husband and babies she never thought to have. 
When he suddenly turns dictatorial, Tassala thinks all he really wants is to dominate her.

Jaxon succeeds in capturing Tassala, his newly discovered mate. 
He thinks he has succeeded in taming her too, until she starts rebelling against him.

When she endangers herself while defying him, he is forced to walk a fine line between punishing her and still keeping her love.

Audience = Adults 18+

A Conqueror gets what, and who, he wants. 

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